You are looking for a guide to help you use a vape pen? Perhaps you have a simple vape device, such as a disposable one, and want to upgrade to a more powerful vape kit. We can help you choose your next vaping device if you are still undecided. These are the top-selling vape pens that we make here at Innokin for younger vapers.

Innokin MVP pod: The Innokin MVP pod is our newest and most powerful small pod-based vape pen. The MVP Pod features two power levels, smooth, refined airflow characteristics, and both button- or draw-activated firing. We think the MVP Pod’s modern design will appeal to those who love gadgets that look great. It’s possible that you noticed that three out of four of the vape pens mentioned pod vs cartridge above keep their e-liquid in removable pods instead traditional vape tanks.

This is the trend in vaping, and pod-based vape pen are the most widely used. You will need to remove the pod from the pod-based vape pen before you can fill it. You will find a filling hole on the bottom or side of the pod. The stopper can be removed and e-liquid should be added through the hole until it is almost full. Place the pod back in the device and replace the stopper.

A tank-based vape pen is one that you can use with a device like the Innokin EnduraT18X. The Endura T18X, like most modern vape tanks has a top-filling design. This allows you to fill your tank without having to remove it from the device. Take off the top hardware of the tank and pour your eliquid into the outer part of the tank. Be careful not to get liquid in the middle air channel. After filling the tank, replace the top hardware.

You can now start vaping by filling your vape pen with e-liquid and waiting for it to dry completely. You may have to turn on a button-activated vape device. You can do this by pressing the activation button five fast times. You will see the device blink in response. You can puff with a draw-activated pen. If you have one that is button activated, you can puff by holding the button down while you hold it. Dual-mode devices like the Innokin MVP pod can be used with or without the button.

When learning how to use a vape pen, the most important thing is to not inhale as hard as you would while smoking a cigarette. Gentle pressure is the best way to use a small vaping device. You can get e-liquid in your throat if you puff too hard. Vaping devices are subject to heat stress and have a finite lifespan. You can expect your vape pen’s coil to last between a few days and a few weeks depending on how often you vape and the type of eliquid you use. If your vape pen is not producing the desired flavor, it’s time to replace it. There are three ways to replace a coil in a vape pen. The method you choose will depend on the design of your device.

You can replace the coil in a tank-based vape pen by removing it from the device. Remove the bottom hardware from the tank. In the case the Innokin Endura T18X you will need to pull out the coil and insert a new one before replacing the tank’s base hardware. You’ll notice that the coil is attached to other tanks. Before assembling the tank, remove the coil from the bottom and install a new one.

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