You may also find a numerical keypad that allows anyone with an authorized access code to unlock the gates. Simply punch it in on the keypad. If the intercom is equipped with a video camera, it can be used to show who is at the driveay gate. The cordless option is also available for handsets that can be used to communicate with guests inside the house.

You can find the last location for standard access controls system components just inside the electric gate. For anyone who is leaving the property by foot, an egress button may be added to allow them to push the driveway gate to open automatically. These must not be accessible from the outside. To operate the button, anyone must not be able to pass through the gap between the gate and post. This poses security sliding gate installation and safety concerns. The gate will open and trap an arm when it starts to work. The strongest electric gate motors are located closest to the hinges, and can cause serious damage.

Most gate automation systems are operated by and for homeowners. They will be instructed by the installer on safe and appropriate use of their electric gate. Younger children and pets may not be able to understand and implement rules, and they still love to play. Children and pets should be aware of the dangers of automatic gates, especially when they are being operated.

Access control equipment, such as keypads and intercoms, are used to control gate automation systems. The homeowner will own their remote transmitters and keypad codes. However, family members that do not live on the property can still have both one or both. You can think of this as if they have been given a key to the property. They should also be able operate your driveway gates. This is a good reason to train regular visitors in safety.

Access should also be possible for various types of vehicles such as cars, bikes, and motorbikes. In the system design, it is necessary to include an option that allows pedestrian entry and exit. You can either specify separate pedestrian gates, or you can set the driveway gates to allow foot traffic.

Owners of automatic gates need to be able to access their property for infrequent or regular visitors. This includes delivery of grocery supplies, milk, newspapers, and postage. Service and maintenance suppliers such as cleaners, repairers, builders, electricians, plumbers, decorators, gardeners/landscapers, equipment installers and binmen all need access through your electric gates onto your property. In the case of any serious issues, emergency personnel like the fire department, ambulance, or police must have immediate access.

This ever-growing list may require access to your property. However, security is still the main purpose of gate automation systems. The electric gates can keep undesirable elements away from your property. Like gates that don’t have automation, electric gates can be locked and then opened to control entry and exit. Access control systems allow you to communicate with and even see the person at your electric gate, so you can decide if they will be granted access.

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